1. I have tried many different parenting approaches, with little success. How is the Nurtured Heart Approach different?

    The Nurtured Heart Approach functions on the understanding that intense and challenging children act out because they crave the energy we emit when we respond to their outbursts. As parents, we do the best we can with the tools we have at our disposal. When our children misbehave, we become more animated, our voices rise, and we become more intensely involved. When this scenario repeatedly plays i…Read More

  2. When I heard this, my face lit up!

    The other day my family and I were having dinner. My 2 year old daughter, who loves to climb on everything, fell out of her chair and started to cry. Before my wife and I could get up to see if she was okay, my 6 year old son sprang from his chair and ran to the other room. He came back with her favorite blanket and “pacy”, gave her a hug and said, “It’s okay, don’t cry, this will help y…Read More

  3. Success with the Nurtured Heart at the Elementary School Level

    By Trudy, retired school principal and guest blogger. Even before I was formally trained in the Nurtured Heart, some of their beliefs already resonated with me. I just didn't have a name for them. I was a kindergarten teacher for most of my career, and as a next step, applied for a position an administrator with an early childhood center. The interview process was very in-depth - two group intervi…Read More