About Howard Glasser

Howard Glasser is the founder of Children’s Success Foundation and creator of The Nurtured Heart Approach™, which is being used in hundreds of thousands of homes and classrooms around the world.

He is author of Transforming the Difficult Child, currently the top-selling book on the topic of ADHD; The Inner Wealth Initiative, one of the leading books on school interventions and his most recent book, YOU Are Oprah – Igniting the Fires of Greatness.

Four of his seven books are in the top 1% of all books on Amazon.com.

Howard has been a featured guest on CNN and a consultant for 48 Hours. His work is being successfully applied to programs with Meth addicts to the Military – from Marital Counseling to Mentoring programs – from Head starts to High schools, from Treatment programs to Eldercare and from Foster care programs to programs fostering inner wealth in infants and toddlers.

He is proudest of the fact that he is responsible for keeping more children off of psychiatric medications than perhaps any other living person. He and his wonderful daughter Alice live in Tucson, Arizona.