Does this list describe your child or adolescent?

  • Defiant
  • “No” is the most frequently used word in their vocabulary
  • Challenges your authority
  • Breaks the rules
  • Disrespectful
  • Needs to be in control
  • Doesn’t seem to be motivated by rewards or consequences
  • Does the opposite of what is asked
  • Very gifted at knowing what irritates others (triggers)

Having a defiant child or adolescent can be exhausting and frustrating. You haven’t been able to “fix” your child’s behavioral problems and are confused about what to do next. Maybe a professional recommended your child take medication, but you are not comfortable with it. You know they have a good heart but something is getting in the way and they need help.

Sometimes talking to an objective third party is helpful to better understand what is going on and what is needed moving forward. If you are looking for some options to help you feel good about your parenting style while helping your child succeed, I can help. I have been working with challenging children for over a decade. I’ve worked in alternative schools, residential settings, outpatient counseling and community mental health. I’ve designed programs to support parents who have children with behavioral problems while strengthening the parent-child relationship by building on their strengths.

Whether you are interested in parent coaching, individual counseling for your child or both, or family therapy, you have come to the right place.  Let’s work together to restore honor, respect, peace and dignity to your family. Contact us today.