At The Compass 4 Life, we believe that there are no bad kids, just children struggling to connect in a meaningful way.  These struggles can negatively affect a child’s interpersonal relationships, performance in school, and self esteem.  Additionally, a child’s excess (or lack of) energy can cause these issues to become more pronounced as time goes on, which can lead to additional disruptions in their lives.

By working directly with parents as well as children, Dan targets the root of anxiety, disobedience, and other behavioral issues, allowing families to conquer them together.  As an advanced trainer of the Nurtured Heart Approach™, he teaches children to use their energy and intensity to build strong relationships with those around them, allowing them to better deal with life’s challenges.  This approach takes discipline and perseverance, but will result in empowered parents and a happy, healthy child with improved self-esteem, social skills, and academic success
If your child struggles with any of the following behaviors, Dan can help.