It is Time to Confront Your Child! (With Evidence of Their Greatness)

Most of us have confronted our children when they are acting out. We give our most passionate speeches, lectures, warnings and words of wisdom during these moments. The passion and energy generally comes from a desire to see our children succeed and the emotional angst we feel when they are disobeying or making poor choices. However, how do you feel about yourself, your child and your relationship during and after these exchanges? Personally, I feel discouraged, upset, angry, and frustrated. I love my kids and hate to see them make poor choices. If you can relate, I have an idea that is working well for many parents and teachers who are trying it.

Have you ever considered “confronting” your child with the same intensity and passion when they are acting out their qualities of greatness? If not, now is the time. Accuse them of being responsible by getting up on time. Confront them with evidence of their self-control when they don’t retaliate after a sibling provokes them. See the effort it takes to go to school every day and complete their school work. Save your best words of wisdom to teach them about values and character when those character qualities are being demonstrated rather than violated. It is occurring all the time. Your children are constantly “acting out” with integrity, patience, kindness, respect and obedience. Don’t miss these valuable teaching moments.

If you want to learn more about the Nurtured Heart Approach and how to confront your child with evidence of the qualities that you desire, decrease the drama and negativity and learn specific discipline strategies that will work join me on Feb 10 for my next parent workshop.