The other day my family and I were having dinner. My 2 year old daughter, who loves to climb on everything, fell out of her chair and started to cry. Before my wife and I could get up to see if she was okay, my 6 year old son sprang from his chair and ran to the other room. He came back with her favorite blanket and “pacy”, gave her a hug and said, “It’s okay, don’t cry, this will help you feel better.” She leaned her head to his shoulder and stopped crying.

I responded to my son by acknowledging his powerful gift. His gift is comforting those who are hurting. He knows just what to do to help people feel better and is truly compassionate and kind. When I spoke to him about this he replied, “Just like at school….I am bucket filler!” (Bucket filling is a common theme at school whereby students do kind things for each other…thus filling their buckets). When I heard this, my face lit up. He was getting the same message from his teachers at school that he was getting from us at home.

Professionally I have dedicated my work to teaching adults to help ALL children flourish. I want to see the adults who have an influence in a child’s life, equipped with the right tools, mindset and confidence to raise value driven children. I have been blessed with the opportunity to coach parents, community leaders and educators in The Nurtured Heart Approach™. The NHA is a powerful relational framework that guides adults on how to ignite greatness, develop character and raise children full of confidence. Children who have parents, teachers, and other adults trained in this approach are motivated to give their best because they have a deep sense of their value. But even more importantly, they desire to use their gifts to help others. The impact they have on their school, their home, and their community is profound and has become contagious.

We are on the verge of something transformative here. Because there are more parents, teachers, and community leaders focusing on effort and character, rather than accomplishments and achievements, children are beginning to flourish in a multitude of ways. But there is still work to do. Will you join us? Feel free to comment on this blog or pass it on to another parent.

Throughout October there will be several opportunities for you to learn more about the NHA. Along with my associate, Diane Overgard, we will be teaching the Nurtured Heart Approach in depth. Parents will walk away with practical tools and tips that get results. See my Website for Event/Workshop details.

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